Ordering Process

  1. Choose the product you want from the CorkUnderlayments.com product selector. 
  2. Enter the zip code where you want this container delivered to. A delivered estimate will instantly be returned to you. (Please note: A default zip code is associated with your account, but you may change it to any other zip code in the continental U.S.)
  3. Review the product, shipping details, and costs. You then have three options:
    • Save the lookup to your account for further review.
    • Click the I am Interested button, which will send an e-mail to a Corksribas USA account representative with the details of the product you have selected. This rep will call you to work out all the details, answer any questions, and create a sales order/ firm quote and delivery time for your approval.
    • Or call Corksribas USA at 1-609-438-1400, and we will assist you.
  4. At this time, Corksribas USA will also review any private labeling requirements that you might have and prepare final label drafts for your approval. (Remember: CorkUnderlayments.com can create unique SKU numbers and naming for your own private label collection.)
  5. This Firm Quote will then be e-mailed to you as a sales order (SO) with our terms & conditions of sale attached. You then sign this SO and issue us a purchase order. These order numbers are used in tracking the shipment.
  6. During the transit process, you will be automatically notified by e-mail when the container is shipped, when it arrives, and when it clears customs. We will then contact you to arrange final delivery.
  7. You shall be notified several days in advance of when payment is due, per the terms of payment you have chosen for this container, so you can plan your cash requirement needs and payment timing.
  8. The CorkUnderlayments.com invoice, listing all the charges along with copies of the packing list, bill of lading, ocean freight invoice, customs invoice, and inland freight cost, shall be provided at this time.
  9. After the payment terms are met, the cork underlayment is then delivered to you. At this time we will also supply you with related QC inspection reports as well as a blank certificate of inspection/acceptance that we ask you to fill out and send to Corksribas USA after inspecting the goods once they arrive.

Note: You need to be a registered and approved CorkUnderlayments.com member and logged in to the CorkUnderlayments.com site to see all the product pricing. If you are not already a Corksribas CorkUnderlayments.com registered member please Apply Today to become a member.