After-Sale Support

Pre-Inspection Warranty: offers buyers the following Pre-Inspection Warranty:

  • will take product back for full refund, if visible defects are found in excess of the industry standard allowances – for example, 5% in flooring/underlayment. Product must not be installed and must be returned in original packaging in good saleable condition.

CorksribasUSA and breaks claims into two broad categories:

  • Quantitative Issues – These issues are easy to quantify for our Pre-Inspection Warranty and include:
    • Poor Milling/Fit
    • Obvious Finish/Quality Issues
    • Color Non-Match Issues
  • Qualitative Issues – These issues are more subjective in nature and mostly include the following:
    • Wood grades, color, graining, and character
    • These types of claims must be deemed by CorksribasUSA to be greater in scope and quantity than allowed either for the grade ordered and/or for the typical range to be found in a given wood species to be valid. 

In all cases, should you find any questionable material, STOP INSTALLATION IMMEDIATELY and call CorksribasUSA at 1-609-589-3100 for advice. Remember, flooring/underlayment with visible defects, once installed shall be deemed accepted and no warranty claim shall be honored by CorksribasUSA.

Refunds for returned material shall be made within 60 days.

Post Installation Warranty:

On the website and linked to each item offered, is the specific warranty provided by the manufacturer for that item. The process to submit Post Installation Warranty claims is:

  1. As soon as you become aware of any issues, please contact CorksribasUSA immediately at 1-609-589-3100 and/or fill out the Flooring Complaint Form and send us samples of the issue. Do NOT rip out the floor and replace without getting prior permission to do so from CorkribasUSA and before allowing our inspection of the floor.
  2. Depending on the nature of the issue, CorksribasUSA may send its own staff to inspect the floor and/or hire a third-party inspection service.
  3. A formal finding and recommendation shall be written up by CorksribasUSA and submitted to the Manufacturer, whose final determination shall be implemented.

Warranty Suggestions to Buyers:

Please note: Given the low margins CR Direct operates on and the great pricing value offered, CorksribasUSA and typically will NOT submit claims back to the Manufacturer that we deem as “political” or non-substantive in nature. To handle such claims and/or “policy adjustments,” CorksribasUSA advises all buyers of our products to build into their pricing structure a percent or two to cover internally these types of non-manufacturer related claims.